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VAT was introduced by the government to be a “simple” tax. Whatever happened to that idea?

While the principle of VAT may not be all that complicated, it takes financial expertise to avoid even the most common mistakes, and getting your VAT wrong could cost you as much as 10% of your annual profits. We will advise on grey areas such as mixed use expenditure and motor running costs, to ensure that you correctly claim as much VAT back as possible.

Rowlinson Rainbow and Company provide a comprehensive VAT service from the outset. We can advise whether you need to be VAT registered or not and which VAT schemes you are eligible for. We can register for VAT on your behalf and can complete the monthly, quarterly or annual returns, including the necessary liaison with HMRC. We will continue to monitor your situation, should you benefit from de-registering from VAT in the future.

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What People Say

  • Thank you so much for all your help. My business would not have been what it is today, but for both of you and for giving me the confidence.
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