Today is Small Business Saturday and for the fifth year in a row, consumers are being encouraged to shop locally and support their independent businesses. 

The organisers behind the national campaign said that the initiative - started by the American Express in the US in 2010 - helps to deliver mentoring and inspiration and inject some much needed optimism to small businesses across the nation.

For more information about how your small business can get involved, visit the website  

Lynne Rainbow is keen to promote small businesses and by 'buying British' has received the following thankyou email:

Dear Lynne,

You have supported us and we'd like to personally thank you.

By buying British, you do honestly make a difference. Not just to us and our colleagues but also to the British economy. As Kate Hills from Make it British says 'If everyone in the UK bought just one £10 gift made in Britain this Christmas it would add £1 Billion to the UK economy'...together, using our combined purchasing power we can put our earnings where we know they make a difference.

Apart from supporting British jobs buying more locally also means a lower carbon footprint, speedier delivery, better transparency of working conditions  and the retention of skills in this country.

Thank you again for being part of the Turtle Doves story!

Warm wishes,
Kate & the Turtle Doves Team